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The benefits of out of town shopping centres are very that is limited

– for instance: those without transport are disenfranchised
– Traffic on the roads
– ALSO (MAIN POINT) -Some might argue they create jobs .. but really it really is probably just shifting employment in one area to the other…

Topic and Answer: Employment

Parents like to achieve balance between family and career but only a few find a way to achieve it.
What do you consider ‘s the reason?
Discuss possible solutions and provide examples.

PARAGRAPH 1 – The reason for imbalance
-Reason is work life balance, increased competition in the workplace, alterations in society, escalation in the amount of working mothers puts stress on the family, EG Studies in the usa show that families with two parents that are full-time more likely to separate. -therefore this indicates that choosing the balance is incredibly difficult.

PARAGRAPH 2 – Possible Solutions?
-Regulations from government, increasing maternity leave, more flexible working practices, reduced working week, EG France had a 35 hour working week…

Topic and Answer and Ideas: Gender issues

Nowadays both men and women spend a complete lot of cash on beauty care. This was not too in the past.
What may be the real cause for this behaviour?
Discuss the reasons and results that are possible.

IELTS Writing Essay Structure:

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