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Mabel van Oranje launches Girls Not

Princess Mabel van Oranje, seat of Girls Not Brides, with Ariette Brouwer (Director Simavi), Monique van ‘t Hek (Director Plan Netherlands) and Jeroen den Tex (Director Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland), with respect to the three Dutch alliances that work against son or daughter marriages, established Girls Not Brides Netherlands. The brand new community will consider knowledge change and joint tasks to stop youngster marriages nationwide and internationally. The launch November that is last 7 destination in Amsterdam.

Girls perhaps perhaps maybe Not Brides is a partnership in excess of 600 society that is civil located in over 80 nations, united by a consignment to get rid of son or daughter wedding and enable every woman to fulfil her potential.

The brand new Dutch nationwide Partnership will work to generally share knowledge and focus on joint initiatives to stop child marriages both nationally and internationally. It becomes the 8th formal nationwide partnership of Girls maybe perhaps perhaps Not Brides.

Girls Not Brides the Netherlands had been established by thirteen Dutch organisations, including Simavi, which in turn make use of a large number of partner organisations across Africa and Asia. The organisations come together in three civil culture alliances.

Accelerated efforts

Netherlands happens to be a leader that is global tackling son or daughter wedding. The Dutch federal government has made significant monetary commitments, since have actually donors situated in the united states. Civil culture organisations situated in holland are also during the forefront of efforts to finish son or daughter wedding. These commitments have to be sustained and increased throughout the coming years, therefore the brand brand new Dutch nationwide Partnership will play a role that is critical attaining this. Although we are making progress, worldwide efforts should be accelerated whenever we wish to prevent the amount of females hitched as young ones reaching 1.2 billion by 2050. Continue reading