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Polyandry in Tibet: Several Husbands, One Spouse

Wedding Traditions into the Himalayan Highlands

History & Customs

Polyandry may be the title fond of the practice that is cultural of wedding of just one girl to one or more guy. The word for polyandry in which the husbands of this shared spouse are brothers to one another is fraternal polyandry or polyandry that is adelphic.

Polyandry in Tibet

In Tibet, fraternal polyandry ended up being accepted. Brothers would marry one girl, whom left her family members to become listed on her husbands, additionally the kids of this wedding would inherit the land.

Like numerous customs that are cultural polyandry in Tibet had been appropriate for certain challenges of geography. In a nation where there is little tillable land, the training of polyandry would lessen the amount of heirs, because a female has more biological limitations in the quantity of young ones she can have than a guy does. Therefore, the land would remain inside the exact same family members, undivided. The wedding of brothers to your exact same girl would make certain that brothers stayed regarding the land together be effective that land, supplying to get more adult male work. Continue reading

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