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Hot, Holy & Humorous Sex & wedding by God’s Design

Ultimately, all sexuality and marriage writers and speakers bypass to the one, right? How frequently should a hitched couple have sex?

The response that is usual specialists is one thing like: “It depends. Some couples are quite happy with once per month while others want that close contact a few times per week. Whatever quantity keeps the two of you pleased is enough.”

To which — being the opinionated gal I am — I say, “Balderdash.”

Find me personally one few who’s got sex once a month (for just about any explanation except that an untreatable physical condition or unavoidable distance) this is certainly extremely intimate atlanta divorce attorneys other means and fully enjoys that once-a-monther and it is well guarded against adultery, and I also will consume that term — and I would ike to inform you, “balderdash” is fairly a mouthful. Continue reading