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Greek sex, infallible logic and honesty that is fearless

The Oxford scholar, Sir Kenneth Dover, whom passed away this has been wrongly portrayed as attention-seeking week. Peter Jones sets the record right about any of it brilliant and man that is modest

It isn’t hard to understand why the maximum Greek scholar of their generation, Sir Kenneth Dover, whom passed away final Sunday, had been a guy whom attracted debate. Their version of Aristophanes’ comedy Clouds (1968) ended up being the first ever to go in to the exact exact same explanation that is detailed of sexual jokes as of its textual cruces. Visitors had been appalled: clearly you failed to grab a classical text to learn concerning the relationship between erections and pre-ejaculation fluid? It was the commentary that is finest ever produced on every part of a comedy featuring the controversial figure of Socrates appeared to pass individuals by.

His Greek Homosexuality (1978) caused much more of a rumpus. When you look at the Preface he argued that ‘heterosexual’ and ‘homosexual’ are not antithetical terms, but that homosexuality had been a sub-division associated with ‘quasi-sexual’ or ‘pseudo-sexual’. He went on: ‘i will be lucky in maybe perhaps maybe not experiencing ethical shock or disgust at any genital work whatsoever, supplied that it’s welcome and acceptable to all the the individuals (if they no. 1, a couple of than two) … no act is sanctified, and none is debased, by simply having a genital dimension.’ this is perhaps not coat-trailing. Dover ended up being merely describing their own attitudes towards a profoundly sensitive and painful topic central to the comprehension of ancient Greek life, as an initial to writing the very first ever severe guide about this. Continue reading