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Safer intercourse is a means of of engaging in sexual intercourse this is certainly informed, consensual, and decreases chance of getting sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy that is unwanted.

What’s safer intercourse?

Safer intercourse can play a essential part in keeping both you and your lovers healthier.

Safer Sex Tips

Check out tips that are general practicing safer sex. General tips for lowering your threat of getting STIs (each one of these depend on everything you choose for your body that is own)

  • Knowing the chances of getting STIs with various intimate activities can help keep you informed. Please have a review of Smart Intercourse Resource our possibilities
  • Making use of safer intercourse obstacles (such as for example interior or condoms that are external dams, and gloves)
  • Making use of lubricant to aid avoid vaginal cuts/tears and increasing sexual joy
  • Have a look at your personal and your partner’s area that is genital any modifications, including sores, release, or uncommon odours. Continue reading