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Into the title of spreading the love, here are some tricks myself coming back to, time and time again that I find.

It’s February and love is within the air! For authors, however, the chance of relationship all many times results in that many tricksy of tasks: penning the dreaded intercourse scene. Certain, you will find authors that have made stories that are smutty an art almost all their own. They will have my respect and my undying envy. Because for average folks, we’re all too often kept squirming inside our seats, tasked with incorporating a bit that is titillating of to the tales of action, scifi, or dream. we was fortunate to cut my teeth within the supportive bosom of fandom, where there’s a spot for every thing, from superhero smut to elven erotica. Yet, even yet in my own work that is original intercourse scenes are regarding the hardes– ahem, most difficult to display. (Ahem, once again. Continue reading