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Wilt Chamberlain plays in their game that is first as Kansas Jayhawk against Northwestern University on 1956. Wilt had 52 points and 31 rebounds inside the debut.

Editor’s note: This is basically the 7th tale in the Journal-World’s a number of the most notable 10 games in Kansas University hoops history. Presenting No. 4:

Ten greatest games

As the countdown continues, look straight straight back in the ten best games right here:

A photograph of the then-Kansas University sophomore ran in the Journal-World on the day that Wilt Chamberlain turned in arguably the greatest single-game performance in Kansas University basketball history.

Inside it, Chamberlain, who had been to try out their very first varsity collegiate game later than night against visiting Northwestern, ended up being pictured towering over the rim into the moments before a dunk, so when the picture made its means to the arms of this visiting Northwestern players when you look at the hours prior to the game, they scoffed it well as trick photography. Continue reading