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5 Surprising Things That the Bible claims about Sex

5 Surprising Things That the Bible claims about Intercourse

The Bible is a guide about Jesus, about us, and regarding how Jesus saves us through the individual and work of Jesus Christ; consequently, it really isn’t terribly astonishing to find out that the Bible has a lot to say about intercourse. Humans are intimate animals – God made have a glance at this web-site us male and that are female the storyline of creation, autumn, and redemption is always, at the very least in component, a tale about peoples sex.

Elements of that tale are fairly well known, but the rest can be– that is quite unexpected shocking – to your very first time Bible reader. Being among the most astonishing revelations would be the immediate following:

1. It’s good

Within our modern tradition, Christianity is generally speaking portrayed as intimately repressive into the extreme. Christians are notable for being in opposition to sex that is gay pre-marital sex, and extramarital intercourse and then the presumption is that Christians think that intercourse is bad in and of itself – but nothing might be further through the truth!

The Bible claims that the very first spouse and spouse were: “both nude and are not ashamed” (Genesis 2:25 ESV). Continue reading