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Dating in Colombia: The Language of Affection

Often has it been claimed that the very best method to strengthen in an international tongue is actually to start dating a local. There is, it needs to be mentioned, a lot reality to this.

Even trainees that, in the class, can hardly be actually worried about to string together an orderly sentence, quickly have limitless enthusiasm for boosting their language abilities as quickly as they converse to an individual or even lady they like.

To excel in the world of passion, you’ ll need to become able to talk fairly. On the planet of Colombian dating, poor spain mail order brides performs not function as muchof an aphrodisiac.

Winning a person’ s affections demands you to be captivating, funny, complimentary and hassle-free –- none of whichis achievable if you’ re stuttering away in heavily-accented Spanglish.

To support you take your first steps right into this planet, our team’ ll appearance listed here at an assortment of the limitless manner ins whichColombians discuss destination, dating, getting together as well as collapsing.

Beautiful People

Standard Spanishpossesses a tons of various techniques to mention somebody (or even something) is attractive or even attractive. Yet most of these are actually far too serious-sounding to be made use of when chatting one of your pals.

Take, as an example, the sentence ” Ella es muy bonita “, whichis actually a perfectly valid way to point out ” She is incredibly gorgeous “. It’ s hard to visualize a group of men hanging around, consuming a few draft beers, mentioning this regarding a girl. It will be actually therefore professional that it’d really seem a little bit odd.

The complying withslang-style words would certainly go withbetter in suchscenarios:

Estar buena/ estar bueno

” Estar buena ” is most likely the most common key phrase that fellas would certainly use to talk about warm girls. Be actually warned, though, that it is actually made use of almost only to speak about somebody, rather than ever before being said direct to their skin. If stated directly to a lady, it appears rather sleazy and won’ t be effectively acquired.

Women at times explain eye-catching males along withthe expression ” estar bueno “, but once more are not likely to say this straight to the man’ s face. The issue listed here is actually certainly not so muchthe danger of resulting in infraction –- a threat whichis actually, permit’ s face it, just about non-existent –- but somewhat that it would certainly merely be an extremely complete on thing to mention. Almost like saying to the guy ” your location or mine?”, but certainly not also far off it either.

Mamacita/ Papasito

Weirdly, Colombians utilize the terms for ” little mum ” as well as ” little daddy ” as jargon for an attractive woman or even male.

A number of various other incredibly similar words to ” mamacita ” – and also ” papsito “- like ” mamasota ” –/ ” papasote “, ” mami ” and also ” mamita “- also possess virtually the same definition.

All these conditions are a bit even more light-hearted than” ” estar buena ” and some females can discover it complimentary to become referred to as a ” mamacita “. This is rarely common: others discover it patronising and being without training class.

Unsurprisingly, fellas will once more be thrilled to be referred to as a ” papasito “.

Chimba/ chimbita (v.)

An extremely prominent, if impolite, way to illustrate amazing looking females. Given that ” chimba ” is also a slang phrase for the female genitalia, it is certainly not one of the most intimate description, yet it is commonly used however.

Two male buddies, for instance, may possess the complying withdiscussion: 1. ” Me dicen que su amiga es muy bonita” ” 2. ” Bonita no, & iexcl; es una chimba! “( 1. ” I hear her buddy is actually very rather “. 2. ” She ‘ s certainly not just fairly, she ‘ s a piece of ass! “-RRB-.



” Pintoso ” is a tag applied to a ” great appearing guy “( use the feminine model, ” pintosa “, is muchless popular ). Unlike the previous terms, whichare actually all loaded along withsexuality, this is actually a neutral phrase that performs not necessarily suggest the audio speaker is actually enticed to the person they’ re referring to.

Perhaps it’ s like describing a man as ” handsome ” or even ” excellent looking ” rather than ” very hot ” or even ” gorgeous “. Also straight Colombian males may be heard using this key phrase to (begrudgingly) acknowledge that of their male good friends is good looking.


A slightly less preferred vernacular term for an attractive person, whichcan be used for bothmales and females. A lot more actually, a ” bollo ” is actually a foods, a kind of bun made from yucca, white potato or corn. I suppose the effects is actually that the person you’ re speaking about is actually as delicious as the food items.

Playing the Activity

Dating in Colombia is undoubtedly everything about ” selection”. Competition to acquire as well as always keep companions is fiercer listed here than in every other country I have experienced.

In many methods, the country still possesses a machista society throughwhichpeople are actually incredibly forward as well as the ladies get matched/ suggested continuously. Throw in some incorporated seasoning, in the form of the sensuous dance moves for whichColombians are actually renowned, and you’ ve got yourself a dishfor a very sexualised dating atmosphere.

In this reasonable context, flirting and also activity playing takes on additional significance. So here’ s exactly how you must refer to it:


No hesitation you’ ve listened to the word ” conquistar ” in the circumstance of themeet spanish woman ” vanquishers ” who attacked Latin America numerous hundred years earlier. Nowadays, the verb ” to control ” is utilized most often in dating scenarios, where it refers to the method of ” dominating ” an additional ‘ s heart.

On representation, that may be an overly romantic description for a phrase whichis actually mainly made use of by men discussing ” conquering ” someone for one night. Hardly is it made use of to review them getting the passion of their lifestyle.

Echar los perros

” Echar los perros” “( lit. ” throwing the pets “-RRB- is actually an extremely typical expression meaning ” to come on to someone ” or even ” to try it on withan individual “.

For occasion, when conversing about the previous evening out, a Colombian woman could grumble: ” Ese male me estaba echando los perros durante toda Los Angeles noche. ¡& iexcl; No me dejó en paz nunca!” ” (” That fella devoted the entire evening trying it on along withme. He just wouldn’ t leave me alone!”-RRB-.