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An excellent editor can come straight down on us like a lot of bricks when we have too technical or bogged straight down with unimportant details

Locations to have sexual intercourse (aside from the, uh, apparent)…

Every scene possesses its own specific stability of discussion, inner ideas, action, and description.

The precise proportions of every element might vary for different POVs, genres, scenes, degree of temperature, etc., however they are constantly current.

Why then, for the love of all things Taylor and Seraphina, do we forget this guideline with regards to intercourse scenes? Why do we matter your reader into the (often literal) blow-by-blow description of just what Seraphina is performing to Taylor and the other way around?

It’s painfully very easy to allow a sex scene put on “Insert Tab A into Slot B” territory whenever all we give attention to is really what areas of the body are pressing other areas of the body.


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5 How to Make a female desire to have intercourse to you

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