Easy to Build.
Easy to Maintain.

CrossBrowser makes things easier on you. Save time and money with our universal browser compatibility solutions and spread your extensions across multiple browsers.

Start Coding

One Single Code

The best part about CrossBrowser is the ability to build once, with one code and reach users across every browser platform. No worrying about separate coding for each browser, this makes it quick and easy to manage your extensions.

No Hassle Testing

Along with the easier coding comes the ability to run fewer tests in order to ensure everything is working correctly. Conducting fewer tests means you save time and money. Not to mention, your users will be much happier knowing that they can access your product no matter where they're surfing from.

Build, Manage and Distribute

Once. That's all you will need in order to reach every browser. You have to build once, manage and distribute across every platform. Reach more with less using CrossBrowser and manage everything much easier.

CrossBrowser makes it work and makes it easy

When it all comes together, CrossBrowser is extremely beneficial when pushing out your extensions to multiple browsers. Rather than developing and coding for each individual browser, you have the ability to build once, code once and instantly distribute to multiple channels. It works, it's easy and you'll be spending less time and money on the coding, testing and managing factors.

"Crossbrowser tripled my reach and user base in a matter of days!"—Mike Nadal