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With relevant ads on your videos, your audience will enjoy a more fulfilling viewing experience. Our dynamic video ads are highly targeted to specific audiences. The viewer is guaranteed to encounter ads that are relevant to what they're watching. Add value and quality to your videos by displaying highquality advertisements for your target users.


Increase the value of your product by displaying high converting banner ads for relevant products and services. Our ad network supports all sorts of displays, from plain text to rich media content. Also, your display ads can be completely customized to fit your desired look, feel and message.


With Search XML implemented into your product, your users will receive a steady stream of sponsored links that are relevant to them. The Search XML Feeds will aid users with their search for specific websites, products and services. You'll earn revenue whenever a user clicks a suggested ad on your website.


Do you prefer email marketing? Increase the value of your email blasts by placing ads that are relevant to your target audience. Take advantage of our email solution and point users in the right direction with our high converting ads.


Gain more clout in the social media world with our help. Gain more fans, likes and follows and exponentially increase your influence across several social media platforms. Take a look at our interactive social media products that will give users a friendly reminder to touch base with you through social channels.


Matching ads to content. That's what we do. Irrelevant ads? That's what we NEVER do. You can be sure that your product will contain ads that are relevant to its content. How is this done? With our targeting and keyword analyzing algorithms, we guarantee the right ads will supplement your content.


Do you use mobile? Everyone does now. Do you use mobile apps? Yes we do that too. Monetize them with our revenue generating solution. You will get numerous mobile-friendly ads and connect with users on the go. Don't worry about compatibility issues, we got that covered. Our ads are optimized for every mobile device out there.


Make revenue by running ads on your apps, toolbars and other downloadables. All you need to do is add one simple line of code. Your high converting ad will be live in moments. You worked hard on your apps, now it's time to make money off them.

Exit Monetization

How's retention on your product? Do you have a high bounce rate? Don't let all those visits amount to nothing. Get the most out of your exit traffic with ExitMonetization and generate revenue even when visitors hit the "Back" button. When users click away, they will be directed to a "gateway" page with relevant and appealing ads.